We carry out every aspect of the development, construction and engineering process, from design right through to facilities management. Our specialist skills range from pre-project planning and feasibility studies, to delivering the most modern methods of construction and engineering. We work in both Private and public sectors.

Heritage Buildings Preservation

Wellington’s Heritage Buildings division specialises in restoring historic buildings and bringing them back into use.  East Anglia’s is rich in heritage buildings, many of which have been allowed to fall into disuse and a poor state of repair.

Working with Preservation Trusts, local authorities and owners, Wellington brings an understanding of and sympathy for the particular needs of such buildings, as well as the specialist skills and expertise to undertake this sensitive work in a way which preserves the heritage of the building, whilst creating a new use for it in order to give it a viable future.

Whether it is a sympathetic conversion to another use, or a full restoration, we bring traditional skills such as masonry and knapping – skills which we are keeping alive through our programme of heritage building restoration apprenticeships.